i am rhonel

This blog shares my sacred journey through tragedy.  I was called for audacious hope whilst grieving a living loss.  And I had to choose – will I be better or bitter? 

With nervous excitement  I start my journey towards Tucson Spur in Elarduspark. My thoughts race around while stuck in traffic. Nagging ones that I try to dismiss keep on resurfacing. What if there is no one in attendance? What if we are judged for what happened to Juneldè? What if we are critisised for needing financial support?

As I reach the front door already I see familiar faces and I feel a sudden rush of relief. I draw out Juneldè’s poster and my heart skips a beat looking at her younger smiling face. So much loss confronts me in a moment. But as I look up to the busy restaurant immense gratitude replaces the sadness. I walk along the tables and continue to greet smiling familiar faces enjoying a Spur meal with their friends and family. So many open hearts and hands enveloping us in understanding.

Juneldè is in high demand, everyone wants to meet her, chat to her and share in her energy of strength. I am so proud! She is a warrior in every sense and I am thankful for being her mom.

Pink donation boxes circle the restaurant and in amazement I see reaching hands filling them up. No questions asked!

Close to us sits a couple with their beautiful daughter. They want to know more about Juneldè’s story as they are not part of the supporters group (yet). They pledge a contribution and with a cellphone notification we are blown away by the reflection of their altruistic giving. I rarely see my strong husband cry but in an act of solidarity two fathers, mere strangers minutes before, quickly dry off wet eyes.

Overwhelmed with gratitude we end of the night. Juneldè is exhausted but remarkably content. Usually busy restaurants would be unbearable for her but this night she bathed in the attention of knowing true acceptance exists in the hearts of her community.


As a family we would like to thank Zelda and her team from Tucson Spur for their support in making this fundraiser happen. Thank you is such a small token trying to convey the immensity of our true gratefulness. But please receive our heartfelt thanks!

To everyone whom attended the evening and opened their hearts and hands to us – Thank You!

To our Collage church family – you are all our greatest supporters in prayer, comfort and continuous support. Thanks dr. Ernrich Basson for your leadership and friendship.

And to Welda Venter for the idea, initiative and making all the arrangements for a successful fundraiser – Thank You!


2 thoughts on “A sense of community

  1. Jeanne-Mari says:

    Jy skryf soooo mooi Rhonel. Jys ‘n yster vrou met ‘n hart van glas. Junelde is ook dankbaar vir jou al kan sy dit nog nie vir jou sê nie.
    Ek glo saam met jou. Groot druk. Liefde


    1. Dankie Jeanne-Mari, ons is so dankbaar om jou ondersteuning,‘cheerleading’ en magic hande in ons lewe te hê!


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