i am rhonel

This blog shares my sacred journey through tragedy.  I was called for audacious hope whilst grieving a living loss.  And I had to choose – will I be better or bitter? 

There once were acorns on an oak tree going about their acorny lives. Everyday they would do what acorns do – rushing towards the inevitable end when they would fall of the oak tree. One day a wise acorn shocked all the acorns by saying: “You are not this, you are that”…Pointing towards the majestic oak tree. The acorns couldn’t fathom how this is possible and curiously enquired: “But how?”. The wise acorn responded; “You have to be willing to go into the ground, be buried, break open your hard shell and become that which you were meant to be”.

I still remember how it feels there in the ground. It is dark, isolated and incredibly painful. It is vulnerability in action and loneliness manifested.  This process of becoming that which we were meant to be is a never ending cycle. It is the falling of the acorn, the going into the ground and being planted, the isolation and breaking open of our shells, then growing into an oak tree and again acorns being planted that allows us to live purposefully.

It is incredibly uncomfortable, this continuous transformation happening. Today I simply want to encourage you that when it is darkest and you feel like you have been buried, consider instead that you have actually been planted. And seek every opportunity to grow!


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